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Rasha Kahil makes herself at home, in yours

article by Alexandre Medawar

L'Orient le Jour Littéraire, Lebanon, 7/07/2011
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English translation:


It happens sometimes. We meet a nice girl, an artist, most probably a photographer. We chit-chat at the beach, in Byblos or at Sporting. Time passes. She takes pictures of people tanning on the decks like chicken thighs lined up on the grill of Lala Snack. Or of couples fondling each other and palavering around the pool. We stroll along. The sky reddens. The end of the day is near. We go home, freshen up on the terrace. After a shower, we dry ourselves up and put on a cotton shirt, white and dry. The bed is still unmade from the night before. The nice girl is still there, with her camera that we've managed to forget. Almost. She takes a few more picture. Then she leaves. She has to return to London where she lives. She'll be back. We like her.

It happens sometimes. We receive an invitation to an exhibition by a Lebanese photographer who lives in London. We tell ourselves that this should be interesting, that we should go because it seems to be dealing with the quest for the me, for the self, for the me self, and the quest for the other. We go, we're there. And here, on the walls, we see that nice girl, the photographer, almost naked, sitting in our very own lounge. There is our stuff, our books, our furniture and our private life, there, exhibited, with the nice girl, half-naked and expressionless, in the middle of it all. We're troubled. There are other apartment interiors, always with this girl posing, neutral, at the center of the image. The nudity displayed is a mise en abyme of the bare exposure of the life of the host. Rasha Kahil captures the life of others through an interposed self-portrait. Making the best of a few minutes' absence of the host, she practices a revelation of the intimate with calculated casualness. The series is entitled "In Your Home" and is showing at The Running Horse gallery until July 30th.

Rasha Kahil's astonishing work can also be seen on her website as well as on her photoblog "La Gueule du Monde" (